On this page you can find resources and documents on mitigation-related topics which can be useful in case of further interest. You will find the three most read documents highlighted below and a selection of recommended readings at the right side.
Uploaded on 23. August 2017

As part of the collaboration between the UNFCCC secretariat and the UNDP/UNEP Global Support Programme for National Communications and Biennial Update Reports (GSP), this guide has been prepared in order to assist countries in the development of a robust national greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory system.

Uploaded on 16. August 2017

GIZ has published a series of briefing papers dealing with the sectoral implementation of nationally determined contributions (NDCs).

Uploaded on 03. August 2017

This case study illustrates the development of a “strategic menu for mitigation options” by the Government of Egypt which facilitates the matching of identified priority actions with funding opportunities.

Uploaded on 02. August 2017

This introduces the project of the German Climate Technology Initiative (DKTI I) which is promoting the area of science and research for climate friendly technologies. Local competencies are developed by supporting diverse activities, like the establishment of a Green Energy Park as a testing platform for solar energy systems and a pilot research project on electric mobility.