Participants at the Global NDC Conference 2017

Global NDC Conference 2019: Inspiring Action and Enabling Change


The Global NDC Conference 2019 contributes to the implementation and updating of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) in 2019. It aims to inspire and enable policy makers and practitioners to accelerate the pace and scale of transformational change through NDC implementation in order to reach the long-term goals of the Paris Agreement.

The conference facilitates:

  • exchanging good practices and innovative approaches to advance the implementation and updating of NDCs and achieve transformational change; 
  • addressing real challenges and creating inclusive solutions on integrated NDC governance, finance mobilisation and transparency at the national, subnational and sectoral levels;
  • strengthening connections and support across stakeholder groups involved in NDC implementation and updates, including private sector actors; and
  • formulating key messages to inform international and national processes related to the Paris Agreement Rulebook, NDC implementation and NDC updates globally.

The conference brings together representatives from national and subnational governments, sectoral, women, finance, environment and planning ministries, think tanks, the private sector, financial institutions, NGOs, and multilateral and bilateral organisations – all of whom are involved in the implementation of NDCs. 350 participants are expected to attend.

Exchange and learning

As NDC implementation is advancing in many places across the globe, the conference's participants share their own cases of transformative and inclusive climate action in the fields of integrated governance, finance mobilisation and transparency.

Pioneers, champions and game changers in climate solutions at the national and subnational levels and from across sectors - including energy, land use and transport - explore opportunities for adopting innovative approaches and scaling-up commitments. Gender and social inclusion, leadership skills, sector approaches as well as private sector engagement are crosscutting issues throughout the conference.

Structure and content

The guiding questions are:

  • Day 1: How does turning the Paris Agreement Rulebook into action support NDC implementation?
  • Day 2: What actions and innovations are driving NDC implementation and advancing development priorities?
  • Day 3: How do we increase the pace and scale of change to bring the NDCs in line with the Paris Agreement?


The Conference is a joint effort by leading support initiatives:

The NDC Partnership, the Initiative for Climate Action Transparency (ICAT), the LEDS GP, the Partnership on Transparency in the Paris Agreement, the IKI NDC Support Cluster, GIZ (SPA and NDC Assist projects) on behalf of BMU and BMZ, the UNDP NDC Support Programme, CDKN.

Please find more information on our conference website