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Planning to Succeed - How to build strong 2050 climate energy development strategies

Good 2050 climate and energy strategies are essential both for tackling climate change and for securing the well-being and prosperity of people and planet. It is therefore important to ensure these strategies are as strong as possible. The MaxiMiseR project has identified ten essential elements of a good 2050 climate and energy strategy:


1. Ambition Keep global temperature rises below 2°C (pursue 1.5°C limit)

2. Scope Be fully cross-sectoral, covering all parts of society and the economy

3. Actionable Describe existing and new policies and measures to be taken

4. Integration Take account of all relevant strategies and plans

5. Political commitment Secure leadership at the highest political level

6. Monitoring Provide a clear framework for monitoring, reporting and verifying

7. Public transparency Make key information public at all stages of 2050 strategy development

8. Stakeholder participation Engage all stakeholders in the development of a 2050 strategy

9. Analytical basis Undertake modelling and sensitivity analysis with peer review

10. Review Ensure regular review of analytical basis, policies, measures, targets