The Partnership

In the framework of the Petersberg Climate Dialogue in May 2010 in Bonn/Germany, South Africa, South Korea and Germany launched the International Partnership on Mitigation and MRV with the aim of promoting ambitious climate action through practical exchange. With the Paris Agreement entering into force, the issues of mitigation and MRV became part of the  wider transparency framework. While the partnership continues to focus on supporting practical learning among a wide range of countries and  strives to serve as a forum for discussing topics in relation climate change negotiations, the broadened scope is reflected by its new name – as of 2017: the  “Partnership on Transparency in the Paris Agreement”.

Our Approach

The Partnership promotes ambitious climate action through peer-to-peer learning on transparency and NDC implementation. It seeks to promote best practice for enhanced transparency, GHG mitigation and adaptation strategies. It continues to serve as a platform for promoting the exchange of experiences between developing, emerging and industrialised countries, thus helping to  to build mutual trust through transparency and contributing to closing the ambition gap. 

About the Partnership: more information on the aims and topics of the Partnership as well as about the Partnership Meetings.

Partnering countries: list of countries which joined actively one or more Partnership activities.

Topics: more in-depth information on the topics the Partnership is focusing on – transparency (incl. MRV of mitigation and finance and M&E of adaptation), NDCs, LEDS, and NAMAs.

Cooperating partners: overview of organisations and initiatives in the areas of transparency, NDCs, LEDS, and NAMAs the Partnership is regularly cooperating with.