GIZ Publication on NDCs and the Enhanced Transparency Framework

In June, GIZ published the paper “Next steps under the Paris Agreement and the Katowice Climate Package”, providing guidance to policy makers on NDCs and the Enhanced Transparency Framework.

As the window of opportunity to avoid the worst impacts of climate change is narrowing, it is crucial for countries to set ambitious plans to increase the pace and scale of the transition to a low carbon and climate resilient economy.

The paper – jointly authored with Ricardo E&E – addresses key steps and challenges for policy makers in the development, implementation and maintenance of NDCs, specifically focussing on the mitigation provisions of the Paris Agreement.

A sharp analysis on the current and future reporting rules provides a clear picture on what to expect from 2020 onwards. Special attention is paid to transparency in the NDC process, as mutual trust and confidence are not only a crucial factor in NDC implementation, but also a fundamental pillar of the Paris Agreement. Hence, the publication lists clear recommendations and key steps for policy makers to prepare for the new transparency requirements, such as the development of a roadmap leading up to 2024 when the first BTR under the Enhanced Transparency Framework (ETF) is due.

It is further recommended to apply a “learning by doing” approach by complying with current reporting requirements under the UNFCCC and aiming for a step-wise approach to reporting under the future ETF rules to detect challenges early on and improve them prior to their actual entry into force.

Finally, the publication outlines the importance of domestic policies, processes and political leadership for key upcoming milestones – such as reporting under the Enhanced Transparency Framework from 2024 onwards – as most of these issues are to be nationally determined.

Download the publication here.