Flexible short-term support for NDC implementation

The NDC Support Cluster of the International Climate Initiative (IKI) introduces its flexible advisory service for developing countries, the NDC Helpdesk. The Helpdesk provides easy to access, short-term support to deal with a number of challenges around NDC implementation in developing countries. Governments may contact the Helpdesk to address specific barriers or gaps for NDC implementation, for example if government staff needs a specific training, an assessment of mitigation potential in a certain sector has to be conducted or advice for developing the financial architecture of the NDC implementation plan is needed.

The Helpdesk works through a network of experts in different fields related to NDC implementation, namely (i) political and institutional frameworks, (ii) sector approaches, (iii) financing, and (iv) data and transparency. It does not provide funding directly to countries, but instead supports the provision of technical assistance. Examples for assistance offered by the Helpdesks include:

  • Short term expert missions (international expert or country representative/peer)
  • Studies, analysis, reports, guidance documents• Collection and dissemination of best practices
  • Workshops, trainings
  • Webinars, online learning approaches
  • Expert review and advice on draft policies and strategies
  • Study tours
  • Financing for participation at conferences, (online) trainings etc. of other providers

Government bodies responsible for NDC implementation in developing countries or government institutions collaborating with them can request support from the NDC Cluster by filling out the request template (see link on the right).