New feature launched: Knowledge Map on Mitigation and MRV

In order to lead users on the shortest possible way to mitigation-related information according to their specific demand, the Partnership recently launched this new knowledge management feature.

The Knowledge Map aims at providing a structured overview of (sub) topics and processes related to the Partnership’s three main working areas LEDS, NAMAs and MRV and thereby to illustrate the obvious links as well as the not so obvious links among topics and processes. This is to help policy makers and practitioners to easily understand and visualize what they have to take into consideration when working on specific mitigation-related issues.

Each item contains one or more links that lead the user to internal or external web sources which provide more detailed information related to this item. The Knowledge Map is a living document and will be continuously modified and updated, in accordance to recent international developments and/or user input.


Access the Knowledge Map at the following link:

If you have suggestions for complementations or modifications with regard to the Partnership's Knowledge Map, please share them with us via the contact form.