International BUR Champions Workshop

The interactive workshop brings together advanced countries for an in-depth experience exchange among peers on challenges and lessons learned along the various steps and aspects in the BUR and the ICA process. Participants have the opportunity to engage in focused in-depth discussions on specific challenges and to get to know a variety of approaches for overcoming the challenges. The workshop aims to be a forum for discussing these concrete solutions with practitioners from other countries with the view to determine and consolidate the replicability of such success factors for the next round(s) of BUR.

Specifically, the workshop focuses on challenges related to:

  • Processes and institutional arrangements for the BUR elaboration and political approval (buy-in of stakeholders, managing networks of data sources, etc.)
  • Data (access to data, data quality and data management, etc.)
  • Reporting of measures (e.g. NAMAs)
  • Finance models for BUR preparation (GEF funds, domestic funds, etc.)
  • Sustainable reporting (institutional memory, improving the MRV system along the BUR preparation etc.)
  • How to prepare for the ICA and first lessons learned.

You can find presentations, tools and other documents and instruments below:

Agenda and Concept Note

Day 1

Lisa Herrmann - Transparency Partnership
Lisa Herrmann - Case Clinics

UNFCCC, Mr. Jigme - Overview of BURs submitted

Rocio Lichte, GIZ - BUR / ICA Experience

Overcoming Challenges: Sharing Experiences from the BUR Process
Weijie Miao, China - Overcoming Challenges: Sharing Experiences from the BUR Process
Jenny Mager, Chile - Overcoming Challenges: Sharing Experiences from the BUR Process

World Café - Exchange with Annex-I countries on reporting
Malin Kanth - Swedish Experiences of Reporting
Harry Vreuls - Dutch Experiences of Reporting

Day 2

Introduction on the ICA Process
Rocio Lichte - Brief Introduction on the ICA Process

Sharing First Experiences on the ICA Process:
 Yara Daou - Lebanon
 Dr. Juana Itzchel Rieto Ruiz - Mexico

Day 3


1) Collect Earth Training on LULUCF activity data assessment and reporting under UNFCCC
Danilo Mollicone -Collect Earth - FAO

2) Data access and emission inventory in the Transport sector
Dirk Günther - UBA
Martin Schmied - UBA
Elena Scherer - GIZ