The Information Matters project provided support to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from October 2013 until June 2017. During the kick-off workshop, a capacity-building plan was established in collaboration with the partner, which includes several in-country workshops for the staff of government agencies involved in monitoring and reporting activities. Those workshops covered the following topics:

  • MRV domestic architecture,
  • Climate relevant data management,
  • QA/QC of grennhouse gas (GHG) inventories,
  • Baseline scenario setting,
  • Biennial Update Report (BUR) compilation and the ICA process, as well as
  • GHG inventory compilation in the waste sector.

Among these activities, Information Matters supported Ghana with the design of a national system for climate change data management and data archiving, with the preparation and submission of Ghana’s first BUR and with providing feedback on Ghana’s GHG inventory and BUR by technical experts.

In October 2014, EPA hosted the second International Partnership on Mitigation and MRV African Regional Workshop in Berlin, which focused on BUR compilation.

After the submission of the first BUR in summer 2015, a workshop on lessons learned took place in November 2015 assisting the International Consultation and Analysis (ICA) process. The second BUR is currently under preparation.


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Photo credits of all workshop pictures on this website: GIZ and Ricardo Energy and Environment