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Tool for Assessing Adaptation in the NDCs (TAAN)

The Tool for Assessing Adaptation in the NDCs (TAAN) is an interactive knowledge platform that aims to provide an overview of and detailed information on adaptation in the (Intended) Nationally Determined Contributions ((I)NDCs). In particular, it demonstrates objectives, priorities and vulnerabilities as well as country adaptation actions and measures as indicated in the (I)NDCs.

The current version of the online tool comprises two main sections:

  • A Quick Facts section which provides answers to relevant questions about the (I)NDC adaptation components enabling users to access key statistics around (I)NDC adaptation components. The section includes general infographics that summarise the most important data from (I)NDC adaptation components and a subsection devoted to aggregated sector-specific information.
  • A Country Information section with an interactive World Map which allows to access country-specific information. In this section, users may explore the content of and the differences between various (I)NDC adaptation components and compare measures that are planned and have been undertaken by different countries. Moreover, users may access individualized country factsheets.

In early 2018, the tool will be expanded with an Infographics section which allows users to individually create graphs based on a variety of filter options. This section will thus enhance the website’s function as an open data platform valuable for a very wide range of potential users.

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