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Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation


SOURCE is a joint global initiative from Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) and Private-public Partners, in response to the G20, for addressing the global infrastructure gap and advancing the United Nations sustainable development agenda, by delivering on well-prepared projects.

SOURCE is an advanced project preparation solution, which provides support to national and subnational governments and public agencies in improving infrastructure project bankability, quality and delivery, in increasing investment and crowding-in private finance, in strengthening their technical capacities and abilities to manage risks.

SOURCE provides the public sector with an infrastructure project preparation tool, a project selection tool, a project coordination tool, a project financing tool, a project funding tool, a project promotion tool and a project-monitoring tool. Through a standardised template, SOURCE covers the governance, technical, economic, legal, financial, environmental and social dimensions of the project definition. SOURCE encompasses the whole project lifecycle; it is organised in stages, including the preparation, procurement, development and operating phases.