Published by
Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Chatham House / United Nations Environment Programme

Finance guide for policy-makers: Renewable energy, green infrastructure

This guide provides a factual overview of the landscape of finance – sources of capital, what the capital markets do, how transactions work – and more broadly to set common finance terms in context.

The original guide was written was in 2009. This updated guide reflects changes in market conditions, financing structures and relevant policy debates. Topics covered include:

  • How finance generally works, with updated finance variables;
  • What the different parts of the finance sector do;
  • What issues financiers consider when investing, including the role of policy and regulation;
  • Capital markets and where, for example, ‘green bonds’ fit in – an expanded section;
  • The variables affecting finance decisions;
  • Energy efficiency – an expanded section, and an update on issues relating to emerging or developing-country markets;
  • A practical focus on ‘climate finance’, especially finance-sector-led initiatives that are accelerating actions at both the low- and highcarbon end of the spectrum.