Published by
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) / World Resource Institute (WRI)

Designing and Preparing Intended Nationally Determined Contributions

WRI and UNDP have co-developed a guidance document for designing and preparing INDCs. The document responds to requests for more specific guidance on INDCs from countries participating in the UNDP-UNFCCC Regional Technical Dialogues on INDCs held in Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia-Pacific and Eastern Europe. It reflects the ideas shared during these regional dialogues, reflecting the current state of negotiations, and puts forward options for the preparation of INDCs based on research from recent literature and relevant UNFCCC documentation.

The guidance document is divided into two parts. Part I provides a general overview of INDC preparation and design, while Part II provides technical guidance on INDC design. Part I opens with an overview of what an INDC is and the benefits of preparing an INDC, and discusses how to organize a national process to prepare a contribution. It then provides an overview of what types of data and analysis can help in the preparation of an INDC, what options exist for the form of an INDC, and how an INDC can be communicated transparently. Part II describes the various choices Parties can make when designing their contribution for mitigation, adaptation, and means of implementing the INDC.