Capital Markets Climate Initiative

The Capital Markets Climate Initiative (CMCI) was launched in September 2010 to establish public-private dialogue and action to help mobilise and scale up private finance flows for low carbon technologies, solutions and infrastructure, with a focus on developing countries.

CMCI is not a legal entity but rather a platform through which to share the growing wealth of financial expertise and experience and improve public-private dialogue and action on this agenda. Harnessing this expertise, it aims to:

  • Developing a common understanding amongst policy makers of why and how public sector action can help mobilise private capital and encourage new markets in low carbon investments
  • Demonstrating the potential impact of public sector action by developing and testing tailored financial and policy tools in specific partner country case studies to mobilise private capital

The CMCI provides a focused platform for HMG engagement, dialogue and knowledge sharing with the private sector, NGOs and research institutes on the UK’s climate finance agenda, including the UK’s International Climate Fund. This work is led by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change and, including the UK Department for International Development and Her Majesty’s Treasury, is delivered through a high-level Steering Group, the CMCI Innovation Platform and subject specific sub-groups.

Partner countries are especially Kenya and India.

India, Kenya


Department of Energy and Climate Change (United Kingdom - DECC)

United Kingdom